New Hampshire Campus

Aside from teaching all over the world at sponsor sites (See Hosting Organizations), SOLO has maintained a home campus in Conway, New Hampshire since 1977.

To find out more about the SOLO New Hampshire Campus you can peruse our campus map, and click on the links below to get a closer look at our Tasker Hill facilities.

The SOLO New Hampshire Campus

THE MAIN BUILDING: This is our indoor classroom building and teaching facility.

THE OCTAGON: Houses our main administrative offices, the kitchen and dining hall, and storage for away course gear in the basement.

The Upper Campus

TOAD HALL: Is our dorm, simple and rustic.

THE CABIN: Is housing for staff and away staff who come to help out with home courses.

THE ROUNDHOUSE: Is a staff project open to students during daylight hours.

THE OUTDOOR CLASSROOM: Is pretty self-explanatory; however, it is just one slightly more developed area on Tasker Hill where we have access to nearly 300 acres of property to teach, walk, and set up scenarios for teaching wilderness medicine.

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7 Responses to New Hampshire Campus

  1. Edward Foster 89 & 94' says:

    Miss my old SOLO hat and fleece. Is there a store where I can buy SOLO gear to sponsor this facility?


  2. Mike Moorefield says:

    I hope I won’t embarras him, but good luck to my nephew Zach Jones who is in N.H. now for the EMT course. Good luck and don’t break a leg!!!!!

  3. troy sharp says:

    Do you offer the Wilderness EMT module at this site? I would like to upgrade my EMT cert. to WEMT

  4. maciej cichosz says:

    Hi i am a EMT in New york City but am very interested in taking a course that upgrades me to WEMT do you offer such a course?

  5. Boniface says:

    Am grateful for the opportunity to learn wilderness fast responder course with solo. Am excited and ready for the new experience. Thanks so much solo I believe this will go a long way to the dream I have to open a camp for kids in Kenya.

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